US Extruders

March 1, 2023

Why US Extruders Stands Out From The Rest

If you work in the plastics industry or are interested in extrusion manufacturing, you have certainly heard of US Extruders, a leading extrusion equipment manufacturer.

For a little insight into the company, here are a few facts about the company that you may have missed if you don’t look past the awesome technical solutions they provide. 

US Extruders

A Young Company with Deep Roots 

  • US Extruders have been voted “Best Places To Work” by Plastics News for 5 consecutive years
  • The team that heads up the company are dedicated, energetic, committed problem solvers with over 500 years of experience in the industry
  • Bill Kramer, president co-authored the extrusion chapter of SPI’s Plastics Engineering Handbook, He also won the “Best Paper Award” at ANTEC for his paper on gear pump applications and in 2020 received the SPE’s Bruce Maddock Award for his work in advancing extrusion technology.
  • Acting on their commitment to sustainability, US Extruders headquarters in Warwick, RI is running on 100% solar power
  • The ProControl advanced touchscreen controller allows remote support when you need it
  • All extruders come with a 5-Year Warranty, with the exception of screw and barrel
  • US Extruders and Steve Maxson Podcast: A Deep Dive into Extrusion Technology

US Extruders: Innovative Extrusion Technology

US Extruders is a company that has been around since 2008, but its roots go back much further. The company’s founders, a team of engineers with decades of experience in extrusion, saw an opportunity to create a new generation of extruders that would be more efficient, reliable, and user-friendly than what was currently on the market.

US Extruders has focused on designing and manufacturing extrusion equipment for various applications, including blown film, cast film, sheet, pipe, and profile extrusion. The company’s equipment is known for its robust construction, precision, and versatility. US Extruders also offers a wide range of customization options, allowing customers to get the exact machine they need for their specific application.

Another notable product is the Multi-Axis Servo Positioning System, designed for high-precision extrusion applications such as medical and catheter tubing. This system uses advanced motion control technology to precisely position the extruder screw and downstream equipment, resulting in tighter tolerances and higher-quality products.

Overall, US Extruders is a company committed to pushing extrusion technology’s boundaries.  Their equipment is designed to help customers increase productivity, reduce waste, and improve product quality.

Med-ex Podcast

Med-Ex The Medical Extrusion Podcast

You may be familiar with Steve Maxson, and his recent podcast appearances.  Steve Maxson, of US Extruders, is a recognized expert in the field of extrusion. In recent years, he has become a prolific podcaster, appearing on various industry podcasts to share his knowledge and insights.

Steve Maxson Podcast | Insights from an Extrusion Expert 

Maxson’s podcast appearances cover a wide range of extrusion-related topics, from the basics of extrusion to the latest technological advances. He speaks candidly about extrusion operators’ challenges and offers practical advice for improving productivity and product quality.

One of Steve’s recurring themes is the importance of understanding the fundamentals of extrusion. He often talks about the need for operators to have a deep understanding of the physics of the extrusion process and the properties of the materials they are working with. By mastering these fundamentals, operators can troubleshoot problems more effectively and make better decisions about process parameters.

Steve also emphasizes the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest advances in extrusion technology. He discusses the benefits of new equipment and techniques, such as Industry 4.0, in improving efficiency, reducing waste, and improving product quality.

Overall, these podcast appearances are a valuable resource for anyone working in the plastics industry, from novice operators to seasoned veterans. His deep knowledge of extrusion technology, combined with his practical advice and candid insights, make his podcasts a must-listen for anyone who wants to stay on the cutting edge of the extrusion.

US Extruders are problem solvers at heart and are dedicated to designing and building the right solution for you and your process.
We look forward to working with you.


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