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Meet Turner Group

We are a team of dedicated plastics professionals with over 248 years of experience who are committed to helping our customers thrive.

We are comprised of Toolmakers, Plastics Engineers, MBAs, Operations Managers and Design Engineers.

Our purpose is to offer you great technical solutions and have fun doing it.

Meet The Team
The Turner Group team culture is based on trust and friendship.  As companies and individuals, we created our company and individual

Our Company Why

Turner Group fosters trusting partnerships so that all we meet can flourish and grow.

We do this through our actions every day, by providing solutions, being an ever-present partner, living with integrity and developing personal relationships.

Turner Group WHY
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Our goal is to help you develop a roadmap for the implementation of leading technologies and practices that are beneficial to your business.

With collaboration and guidance we can help you achieve smart, competitive and sustainable manufacturing.

Industry 4.0 Road Map


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