Dedicated To

Uplifting Plastics Processors

Turner Group, Inc and Turner Technologies is a solution focused company serving the plastics industry on the West Coast of the United States.

We are a technically-modern, morally-based and ethically-driven organization.

Turner Group fosters trusting partnerships so that all we meet can flourish and grow. We do this through our actions every day. Some of these include:

Providing solutions through 

  • Careful listening, collaboration and communication
  • Facilitating resources for the customer, suppliers and industry
  • Consulting and educating our industry

Being an ever-present partner by

  • Going above and beyond and exceeding expectations of ourselves and others
  • Meeting and managing expectation
  • Reliability in good and difficult times

Living with integrity

  • Doing the right thing when no one is watching
  • Honest and transparent motives
  • Serving unselfishly and without expectation
  • Keeping our word

Developing personal connections

  • Telling stories
  • Respecting others and their time by removing outside distractions
  • Celebrating successes
  • Acknowledging the person you are working with by           contributing and serving our industry with great products, solutions and technology for our customer’s and industry’s expansion and growth.

Company History

Turner Group Formed by Laura Douglas (Turner)

Norman Boshoff joined TGI as 2nd employee

Chuck Roehm joined TGI as 3RD employee and formed SubS partnership

Expanded territory into southern California for partial coverage

Turner Group expanded to full product lines and coverage 

Turner Technologies formed with John Ward

Core Values


We are “Go-Getters” and are dedicated to owning our ambitions. We believe in the vision of optimism, collective growth and are aligned in our efforts. We “Do The Right Thing” plainly, we live with integrity.


We strive to serve without putting selfish motive or personal gain, ahead of what is best for our customers and partners and “Be The Way” by maintaining our course of true north so our customers, partners and industry trust us. By swimming in a “Blue Ocean” by thinking outside the box, bringing technology forward and helping our customers find the best solution.


We are team players, our motto is “If You Don’t Pass, You Can’t Play”, we are all better together. We encourage and support one another and welcome collaboration.


We also believe that we can only accomplish this by being our best and support “Work Life Balance” amongst the team.

Our People

We are a technical, regional and ethically-based company that always puts the customer’s success, supplier exposure and employee value at the center of our business.

We have always believed that our people will set us aside from just “another salesperson” and have aligned our team based on integrity, consultative selling and team culture. We are careful to hire “like-minded”, customer-oriented people with similar work and personal interests.


Turner Group and Turner Technologies endeavor to BE THE WAY for the advancement of the plastics industry.

To BE THE WAY to help our customers prosper and grow while also creating uplifting and rewarding jobs for the workforce.

To BE THE WAY forward through innovation, automation, and leading-edge technology solutions.

Ultimately our goal is to BE THE WAY by guiding and supporting our industry towards achieving smart, competitive, and sustainable manufacturing practices.