NPE 2024
The Plastics Show

Orlando, Florida, USA
May 6– 10

NPE, or the National Plastics Exposition, has long been recognized as the world’s
leading plastics trade show and conference, offering a global stage for displaying the latest technologies, materials, and processes in plastics.

With tools like the official NPE app, sponsored by Conair Group, attendees are well-equipped to make the most of this landmark event.

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Kruse Training 3-Day In-Person Seminar

Molding fundamentals and common molding defects in injection molded parts

See what to expect here.

The Turner Group team look forward to seeing you in Orlando.

Day 1: Cause-and-Effect Behaviors in Injection Molding
covering real-life molding scenarios to show the cause-and-effect behaviors of design and process

Day 2-3: Common Molding Defects in Injection Molding
focused on common molding defects and techniques for minimizing or eliminating them

July 16-18, 2024

Salt Lake Community College

Salt Lake City, UT

Course includes a 3-month full-access subscription to the Kruse Training online training program with the option for certification)

$1,750 per person

For more information, contact John Ward at john@turnergroup.net



Turner Group and our partners are committed to training in our industry and sharing technology and know-how.

We can be the way to ensure your manufacturing team maximize their potential and are technology smart.

ARBURG Customer Training

SEPRO Training

(Online and Virtual)

KRUSE Training

(Online and Interactive)


Anaheim, CA

February 6-8, 2024


May 6-10, 2024

Orlando, Florida

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