June 26, 2024


In 2006, ARBURG celebrated its 50th year of building injection molding machines. As a special gift to their global customers, they unveiled the “GOLDEN EDITION” machine. Initially only a 110-ton model was available and intended to run for just anniversary year. However, the GOLDEN EDITION immediately gained popularity and was well-embraced by the market. Consequently, ARBURG not only extended the availability of the anniversary model, but also expanded the product line to include four additional sizes.

Key Features of the GOLDEN EDITION:

  1. SELOGICA Direct Controller: The GOLDEN EDITION introduced the touchscreen SELOGICA Direct controller, enhancing flexibility and control over the injection molding process.
  2. Fast-switching valve technology: This feature virtually quadrupled the speed of shifting consumer located valves for maximum speed and the highest mold part quality
  3. Energy Efficient Productivity Package: ARBURG’s commitment to energy efficiency was evident in the GOLDEN EDITION, benefiting both the environment and cost-conscious manufacturers.
  4. Dual Pump Technology: The dual-circuit system enabled simultaneous functions of the ejector and contributed to faster cycle times and increased output.

Expanding to the GOLDEN ELECTRIC Line

Building on the success of the GOLDEN EDITION, ARBURG extended the concept to electric machines, creating the GOLDEN ELECTRIC product line.

Incorporating aXw Control Screw Pilot for reproducible injection precision with even flow front characteristics.

These machines ranged from 44 tons to 220 tons, offering innovative features and robust reliability.

ARBURG-110-TON<br />

The Slimline Marvel: 720 GOLDEN ELECTRIC

At NPE 2024, ARBURG unveiled the latest GOLDEN ELECTRIC – a 308-ton Slimline electric machine. Designed for practical efficiency, it boasts one of the smallest footprints in its size range. As manufacturers seek more floor space, this machine provides an attractive price-to-performance ratio while maintaining the proven reliability of the GOLDEN ELECTRIC series.

In essence, the GOLDEN EDITION and GOLDEN ELECTRIC exemplify ARBURG’s commitment to quality and innovation. The GOLDEN Series provides a technologically high-quality machine with a variety of options to meet a wide range of applications at a very attractive price.

For more details about the Slimline Marvel: 720 GOLDEN ELECTRIC