Turner Group Wins by Losing

By combining a workplace wellness program with corporate giving, Turner Group raised over $17,000 for charity in March 2021.

Starting a Wellness Program and Charity Initiative in late 2019 as part of our benefits package has proven to be an insightful decision. Little did we know at the time that this would be a key part of staying healthy during 2020 and beyond! Our team was able to use the program to recover from any pandemic weight gain and to stay healthy and active through 2021, all while helping to meet community needs during the pandemic of 2020 that would overwhelm our country.

We watched as families and friends put together care packages for Essential Workers, placed water and snacks out for delivery people and opened their kitchens to provide hot meals for their neighbors. The internet was full of stories that moved and entertained us.

Americans continue to be amongst the most philanthropic countries in the world. Annual giving in the US totals 1.44% of GDP – twice as much as the next biggest givers, Canadians at 7.7% of GDP. Utah leads the US in giving, donating 6.6% of their total income.

Whether you know it as the “Quarantine 15” or the “Covid 19” many of us experienced weight gain during the last 12 months. According to a report by the University of California, San Francisco Americans gained on average .6 pounds every 10 days or 1.8 pounds per month during last year’s lockdowns. On the flip side, others pulled out their running shoes and dusted off their bicycles to help break the monotony of the lockdowns and compensate for their local gyms shutting down. They found new (and old!) ways to maintain or attain a new level of fitness that they couldn’t achieve while managing hectic work, school or travel schedules. Prior to the lockdowns, some of us only got the step count while running to catch a plane.

With fitness equipment sales growing by 170% and stock running critically low, some of us managed to grab some home gym equipment, stationary bikes (remember to turn your Zoom cameras off if you do this during a call), stand up desks and supplements. Some of it sat idle while enhancing our guilt or got busy using our investments.

No one can deny the benefits of walking. From mood elevation, heart health or longevity the benefits are limitless. When you add your headphones and a great podcast or book on tape, (we recommend Infinite Game by Simon Sinek) you can make this time meaningful as well.

After taking a team Zoom walk during one of our Team Huddles, we decided to take to the streets in March 2021 to support both our charitable and workplace wellness initiatives, matching every step with a one cent match. As a team, we walked 1,753, 288 steps losing 42 pounds and raising $ 17,532.88 for charity.

When you create a contest amongst a great group of salespeople, all sorts of remarkable things happen. I would like to thank Turner Group for your wellness efforts, joyful spirit of competition and generous hearts.

You rocked it!