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EUROMAP standards ensure that everything associated with the machine fits and functions – whether it be a communication interface or a mechanical interlock.

Can you quote me a 200 ton machine?

This is a question that we hear often in the plastics industry today. It would be great if there was an easy answer – a chart that equated price with machine size – but there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration! Fortunately, EUROMAP and their standards for plastics equipment has made choosing a machine easier and more reliable.

EUROMAP was established in 1964 and is the umbrella organization of the European Plastics and Rubber Machinery Industry which accounts for some 40% of worldwide production and 50% of export volumes.

The organization represents around 1,000 European companies manufacturing equipment for the plastics and rubber industry in the field of core machinery, most of which export to North America as well as Asia.


EUROMAP standards ensure that everything associated with the machine fits and functions – whether it be a communication interface or a mechanical interlock. In addition, the standards enable the comparison of technical specifications and performance.

EUROMAP knows how fast your machine goes

We are often asked about the cycle time of machines. One of the performance components that determine the overall cycle time is the speed of the clamp to open and close. EUROMAP 6 is designed as a standard by which to measure dry cycle time.

During the dry cycle, the injection molding machine is operated without injection or plasticizing. The duration of the dry cycle is the time needed for one cycle of the clamping unit which comprises:

  • Mold opening time (the stroke is defined as 70% of the distance between tie bars)
  • Mold closing time
  • Switching times (includes all idle times occurring during the cycle)

A test block is mounted on the fixed platen and 70% of the maximum clamp force is defined.

The next frontier: machines and peripheral equipment speaking the same language

The most recent EUROMAP developments have been in the realms of device communication. As the plastics industry moves towards Industry 4.0 it will be very important that there are industry standards we can all align with.

In 2019, EUROMAP formed a working group to develop worldwide standardized interfaces for plastics and rubber machines based on OPC UA interface.

This group will ensure that uniform EUROMAP models are designed for the communication between different machines and connected devices independent of the machine manufacturer.

The OPC UA interface paves the way for the adoption of the standard in other regions such as here in North America. Even if the standard is translated into national adoptions such as SPI, the standardization ensures that the data to be exchanged is uniform and is recognized by the connected devices.

Much more than a handshake

Some of the newer and unique interfaces are also designed to further integrate the controls of external devices, for example:

EUROMAP 82.1: Interface for temperature control devices

EUROMAP 82.2: Interface for hot runner devices

EUROMAP 82.3: Interface for liquid silicone rubber dosing systems


For more information on these interfaces and the EUROMAP organization you can visit their website

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