Re-engaging, Disengaged Workers in the Workforce

June 8, 2022

Re-engaging, Disengaged Workers in the Workforce

Disengaged employees are less committed to their jobs and the company. They tend to have an apathetic attitude, and they show it in their work by underperforming or by doing the bare minimum work requirements without any enthusiasm. In some cases, disengaged employees may voice their dissatisfaction with their positions and spread negativity in the workplace.

12 Signs of Disengaged Employees

It is sometimes challenging to know Covid’s recovery, depression, dissatisfaction or disengagement. With all the changes and impact over the last 2 years have brought us as a society, we need to recognize that things have changed. Here are 12 signs that could indicate that an employee is disengaging.

  1. Lack of initiative
  2. Low productivity
  3. Irritable attitude
  4. Careless mistakes
  5. Difficulty persevering through challenges
  6. Low customer satisfaction score
  7. Lack of rapport with managers
  8. Conflict with other employees
  9. Physically or mentally absent
  10. Avoid team participation
  11. Lose focus easily
  12. Make excuses
Re-engaging, Disengaged Workers in the Workforce

We all invest a lot of time and money into our workforce and the cost of training and managing our team members. We spend a lot of time engaging the workforce and building culture and teamwork. A recent poll by Gallup shows that 33% of the workforce is currently disengaged.

The attached article helps explain why employees become disengaged. A disengaged employee often starts engaged but goes off the rails. Often the problem with the disengaged member is not recognized until it is too late to salvage the employee. Corrective action at this point is rarely effective. Usually, the employee resigns or is terminated before it is turned around.

Ways to Engage an Employee

  • Identify the issue
  • Clarify goals
  • Provide mentorship
  • Check-in with them regularly
  • Display gratitude
  • Recognize exceptional efforts
  • Share helpful productivity tips

Here is a good article with additional ideas on re-engaging an employee.

Knowing our team members and recognizing how they are feeling is essential. Taking time to pay attention is critical to good leadership.