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NPE 2024:

Exploring ARBURG’s Comprehensive Turn-Key Capabilities 

In the realm of manufacturing, efficiency, innovation, and customization are paramount. ARBURG, a global leader in producing plastic injection molding machines, stands out not just for its machinery but also for its comprehensive turn-key solutions. These solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of manufacturers, providing a seamless transition from concept to production. In this blog, we delve into ARBURG’s turn-key capabilities, exploring how they redefine manufacturing efficiency and innovation.


Benefits of ARBURG’s Turn-Key Solutions

There are many benefits to opting for ARBURG’s turn-key solutions. Clients can expect a reduction in project complexity as ARBURG handles all aspects of the production line setup. This not only accelerates the time to market but also ensures that the production line is optimized for maximum efficiency and quality. Moreover, the integration of digital tools provides valuable insights into the production process, enabling continuous improvement.

A Perfect Example

A perfect example of the efficient production of high-quality plastic parts using injection molding is a turnkey system based around an Allrounder More 2000. With the “two-component eyeglasses” application, Arburg (booth # W 3743) will be demonstrating its renowned wide-ranging expertise in multi-component injection molding, liquid silicone rubber (LSR) processing, automation and networked production. Exciting for trade visitors: 

Using the new technology, developed and patented by KRUSE Eyewear, manufacturers can produce eyewear in one piece and with one material. New optical-grade LSR materials combined with a two-shot injection molding technology will eliminate the need for secondary assemblies and multiple polymer material inventory requirements.

At the partner booths of Kistler (W3321), Shin-Etsu (S26055) and Adler (S31151), further components will be manufactured so that the eyeglasses can be supplemented with temples, lanyard and case.

ARBURG’s Turn-Key Capabilities: An Overview

ARBURG’s turn-key solutions are designed to offer a bespoke manufacturing setup that aligns with the specific requirements of their clients. Here are the key components of ARBURG’s turn-key capabilities:

1. Customized Project Planning and Design: ARBURG excels in offering customized solutions that begin with detailed project planning and design. Their team works closely with clients to understand their unique requirements, ensuring that the final production line is optimized for their specific needs.

2. Advanced Machinery and Automation: At the heart of ARBURG’s turn-key solutions are their state-of-the-art plastic injection molding machines and automation systems. These machines are renowned for their precision, efficiency, and reliability, forming the backbone of any turn-key project.

3. Integration of Peripheral Equipment: ARBURG’s expertise extends beyond just injection molding machines. They also specialize in integrating peripheral equipment, such as robotic systems, conveyor belts, and quality inspection devices, to create a fully automated and cohesive manufacturing line.

ARBURGs Turn-Key Capabilities

4. Software and Digital Solutions: Recognizing the importance of digitalization in manufacturing, ARBURG offers sophisticated software solutions for production monitoring, data analysis, and process optimization. These digital tools enable manufacturers to achieve higher levels of efficiency and quality control.

5. Training and Support: Implementing a new production line is a complex process that requires skilled personnel. ARBURG provides comprehensive training for operators and maintenance staff, ensuring that the transition to the new system is smooth and efficient. Additionally, their global support network ensures that any issues are promptly addressed.

In Summary

ARBURG’s turn-key capabilities represent a significant advancement in the field of manufacturing. By offering a comprehensive suite of services covering every aspect of production line setup and optimization, ARBURG enables manufacturers to achieve higher levels of efficiency, quality, and innovation. Whether you’re looking to implement a new production line or optimize an existing one, ARBURG’s turn-key solutions provide a pathway to success in the competitive world of manufacturing.

Not Ready For Turnkey?

If you do not have an up-and-coming project to take advantage of a complete turnkey system there are still opportunities to improve existing production cells.

A key component of ARBURG’s digital strategy is the utilization of the Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture (OPC UA). OPC UA is a machine communication protocol that enables various industrial equipment and systems to communicate and exchange data seamlessly.

By leveraging OPC UA, manufacturers can thus enhance their existing production cells with advanced connectivity, improved data utilization, increased security, and greater operational flexibility, paving the way for more efficient and effective manufacturing processes.

ARBURG: More Than a Machine

Visiting the ARBURG booth W3743 isn’t just about machines; it’s an immersion into integration, innovation, and a sustainable future.

The wide range of applications possible with Arburg machine technology will be demonstrated by 13 exhibits, seven of which will be on the company’s own booth.

The Turner Group team looks forward to seeing you there.

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