MPP West

June 14, 2022

MPP West: A Gathering of Global Experts in Medtech

MPP WEST Medical Processing Panel held their first annual event last week, and what an event it was!

It’s rare to gather so much great talent in one location, and this event hit it out of the park.  The kickoff with Keynote speaker Stanton Rowe, of NXT Biomedical set the stage for the level of learning that took place.   He serves as CEO for this NXT Biomedical, which is a medtech incubator for driving great ideas into medical devices.  We were led through the process and development of great ideas and how the work of inventors and innovators saves lives.  Enjoy Stanton’s TedTalk on “The Big Picture in Innovation”.

MPP West

Medical extrusion plays a critical role in medical devices

The moderators, Erik Wendehost, Catheter Manufacturing Panel; Mark Bonifacio, Silicone Processing Panel: Extrusion and Injection Molding and Steve Maxson, leading the Thermoplastics Processing Panel, kept the audience engaged and the conversation lively. 

Medical extrusion is a specialized field that plays a critical role in manufacturing medical devices such as catheters, tubing and other intricate components.  With this complex process, the presence of technical panelists holds significant value.  Technical panelists are professionals with expertise in various aspects of medical extrusion, engineering, design and DFM.  Their involvement in the extrusion process brings numerous advantages and ensures the production of high-quality medical devices.

Panelists possess a deep understanding of advancing the field of healthcare

Technical panelists provide invaluable knowledge and experience in selecting the appropriate materials for medical extrusion.  They possess a deep understanding of the properties and performance characteristics and biocompatibility requirements.

In addition, they contribute their expertise in engineering and design.  They comprehensively understand the intricacies of designing extrusion tooling, optimizing manufacturing processes and ensuring dimensional accuracy.  Their insights help enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the extrusion process, leading to precise and constituent medical device components. 

These technical panelists bring immense value to the field of medical extrusion.  Their expertise in material science, engineering and qualify control ensures the production of high-quality, safe and compliant medical devices.  There was a lot of knowledge and experience to leverage, helping companies achieve excellence in medical extrusion, advancing the field of healthcare and improving patient outcomes.

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What an event it was!

We bring you attendees’ testimonials from the event.

“The event was fantastic and the education was phenomenal” Mark Bonifacio

“Everyone was taking notes and engaged throughout” Erik Wendehost

“Event was fantastic with lots of new information” Paul Overbaugh

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More events coming up

There are more events coming which are in the early stages of planning.  Check MPP Medical Processing Panel for more information.

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