Meet the Turner Team: Bonnie Fitzpatrick

Bonnie is our loving, kind Southern Belle and has the longest tenure of Turner Group employees other than Laura. Bonnie is our historian, cheerleader, truth keeper and Bookkeeper/Office Manager. She leads with her heart and always lends an encouraging word.

Q&A with Bonne Fitzpatrick

How long have you been with Turner Group?

Over 21 years

What is one of your fondest memories of working at Turner Group?

Participating in the annual trips to Arburg Tech Days in Germany; especially a side trip to Paris in 2008.

If you could pick a year to travel back to in a time machine, which year would it be and why?

2014. My grandson was being born in Seattle and my “come right now” flight from the Atlanta area put me 45 minutes behind the actual birth. Celebrating the good, however – a healthy baby boy!

What are your current hobbies?

I read and garden and appreciate the physical world and try to learn from it. Although I am not particularly funny myself; I enjoy people that do not take themselves too seriously. So I try to make a habit of valuing laughter each day.

How many vegetables did you grow, can or dry this year?

We grow The Three Sisters, tomatoes, artichokes, herbs, okra, kale, chard, asparagus, strawberries and am going to try blueberries this year!

If you could make one wish for the world, what would your wish be?

Every living soul to have a safe and loving childhood full of kindness, books, conversations, responsibilities, healthy food and a goal to pass kindness on when they become adults.

What’s one thing that should never be put on a pizza?

My mouth. I like all kinds too much.

White after September, yes or no?

Absolutely! Any fashion. Any time. (Sorry Momma)o the water quality, it is often an afterthought or a neglected consideration, even though it is an essential factor in the performance of coolant circulating systems.