September 7, 2022

Meet The Team: Brigitte Rodriguez, Area Sales Manager
Brigitte Rodriguez

Brigitte Rodriguez is an energetic leader with almost 20 years in the Plastics Industry, dedicated to problem-solving, with a Lean-Thinking approach. We could not be happier to have her as part of this team.

Would you share a happy/fun memory from your childhood?
So many…camping trips, deer hunting, bailing hay & picking stones…but I will say: going to a small, country school, 50 kids, grades 1-8, only 3 teachers for all 8 grades & all subjects. We had a barn to keep our sleds in and went sledding at recess time. Or ice-skating on the frozen river across the road.

What gives your work life meaning?
Seeing people and companies become better versions of themselves as they continuously pursue improvement, no matter how small. Helping people do what’s right for them, even if it doesn’t benefit me.

What gives your personal life meaning?
Connecting with the right people at the right time…being a source of encouragement when people are in “the dark middle” (too far in to turn around, but can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel yet). Seeing people have hope after being hopeless. Loving people well.

Favorite city/place in the world and why?
Mt. Baldy (San Antonio Peak) in Southern California. It was my weekend getaway hiking spot for many years, and I go back there any chance I get.

Name one thing you are good at and would be your best piece of advice to someone in this regard?
Listening well & helping people uncover the root of why they do what they do, then meeting them with compassion, encouragement & education to help them reach their next level. Advice? Stay on your number (don’t try to be someone else). When the path forward seems difficult or clouded, just do the next right thing. Trade complacency for consistency. Stay out of the ditches. Have grace for yourself & others.

What are your favorites hobbies?
Working out, running, hiking, camping, cooking, hosting, interior design, writing/journaling.

Where is your dream vacation destination?
I’ve been to many amazing places, but right now, I get pretty excited about a staycation with my lazy doggos.

Where was your favorite vacation?
Tossup between Israel, backpacking through Europe, and Habitat for Humanity in Fiji. 

What is your favorite Turner Group moment?
Meeting Laura! I had heard from so many people (including her competitors) about how great she was, and thought of her as a hero, even before I met her. Now that I’ve gotten to know her more, it’s been confirmed…she’s a hero!

What does company culture mean to you?
The culture of a company will make or break it. A healthy culture values people as the core foundation – employees, customers, suppliers…everyone. Process, accountability, clear goals, transparency, etc. are all important. The environment must be a safe place, where people can be genuine, vulnerable, and ask for help without shame. A place where each person knows they matter, no matter their position on the totem pole.  Where it’s the norm to encourage & build each other up. It’s the smallest of things that have the greatest impact…making the time to pay attention to those things.

What would it be if you could only eat one type of food for the rest of your life?
Coffee. Oh, *food*? No matter how intensely I act like I’m studying the menu, the answer is always going to be “chicken”.

What is one of your unwritten work rules?
Do the right things for the right reasons.

“We look forward to connecting with you”