May 10, 2023

Meet David Brinkmeyer

VP of Sales and Marketing, Reiloy USA

David Brinkmeyer Reiloy USA

David is a 37-year plastics veteran in the injection molding world, specializing in TPEs, TPUs, Long and Short Glass applications, Cold Impact TPOs, Multi Shot molding, In Mold Lamination, Fabric Mold Behind, CBA and Gas Assist technologies.

He has a Technical Education Degree and a Plastics Engineering Education from Pittsburg State University.

David has recently returned to Reiloy USA as VP of Sales and Marketing in both the Injection and the Extrusion industry.  His primary role will be to provide technical support to the internal and regional sales teams. He will also help with the continued growth and presence of Reiloy in the North America and Mexico regions through communication and education.

He has had the opportunity to work with many of the automotive OEM’s such as Ford, GM, FCA, BMW, Volvo, and Mercedes to name a few, as both a Tier 1 and Tier 2 Supplier.  He has also enjoyed working with many of the great injection molding machine manufacturers over the years.

His true passion is education, and he believes in sharing knowledge with others.  His career has evolved due to mentors who have taken him under their wings and shared their knowledge with him. David’s goal is to do the same for the next generation of engineers.  He is a true believer in Steward Leadership, and in doing so he supports his team in a way that empowers them to succeed. He believes that when his team succeeds, it is truly their success, and he supports them to ensure they do not fail.

David has been married for 28 years and feels very blessed to have a forgiving wife who has endured his career through the rigors of the automotive industry and beyond.

He also feels fortunate to have a tight-knit family and friend base that continues to support his ever-evolving career, and as mentioned earlier, he has had many mentors along the way, and he values them all dearly.

David is now looking forward to creating more relationships and assisting wherever he can.