November 29, 2023

ArburgXworld Customer Portal

New Features – Even More Power!

ARBURG Customer Portal

The power of digitalization in manufacturing lies in its ability to revolutionize operations, making them more efficient, agile, and responsive to market demands. 

ARBURG has been at the forefront of manufacturers in this arena with tools such as arburgXworld, ARS ARBURG Remote Service and ALS. By leveraging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data analytics, our customers can optimize production processes and improve quality control. In the future, digitalization in manufacturing will continue to drive innovation, boost productivity, and create new opportunities for growth and competitiveness in a rapidly evolving global marketplace.

Innovative Updates

Whether you are a current experienced arburgXworld user or just starting out, we’re excited to share with you some recent enhancements to ARBURG’s digital customer portal, which has already become an integral part of our customers’ manufacturing operations.

ARBURG has redesigned the AnalyticsCenter, providing a more comprehensive and in-depth analysis of your machine data. Additionally, they have upgraded the aXw SelfService with a new feature for analyzing faulty molded parts. These advancements are designed to enrich your experience and boost efficiency. We hope you find these updates inspiring and beneficial in your ongoing use of arburgXworld. 

New design: AnalyticsCenter 2.0

The AnalyticsCenter in the arburgXworld Premium Connect package was completely redesigned for Fakuma 2023. In AnalyticsCenter 2.0, it will be possible to analyze machine data live from now on. Via our IIoT-Gateway (available on all new machines since the autumn 2019 series), ALLROUNDERs can be connected to arburgXworld directly and without any problems.

The machines send live data from the production protocol to the AnalyticsCenter. In arburgXworld an overview of the machine status, alarms, order progress or the scrap rate is then displayed for individual machines. The highlight of this tool is the graphical display of actual values for a selected production cycle. In this way, for example, deviations in injection pressure can be compared graphically simply and directly across several cycles.

Perfect interaction: ALS and aXw

For customers that use the ARBURG host computer system ALS and the customer portal arburgXworld together, this results in a huge amount of added value. Via the ALLROUNDER OPC-UA interface, the production program can be loaded from the machine into the ALS and saved there. With the arburgXworld premium function VirtualControl, this program can then be edited in a control simulation.

This means the data set can be prepared already for a new tool at your desk. Likewise, an existing data set can be analyzed just as directly on the machine. For companies that are active globally, this facilitates cooperation beyond national borders since they can work together in the control simulation. ALS, in turn, now offers a direct link to the arburgXworld MachineCenter. In this way, a service request can be made via arburgXworld for machines displaying an alarm in the ALS. Via this link, machine diagrams and a history of service reports can be called up in order to analyse the problem thoroughly.

In summary

The innovative upgrades to arburgXworld, including the revolutionary AnalyticsCenter 2.0 and enhanced aXw SelfService, mark another step forward in digital manufacturing. We are confident that these advancements will empower you to achieve new heights of productivity and innovation in your work with arburgXworld.

ARBURG Customer Portal

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ARBURG’s advanced digital customer portal, arburgXworld, is designed to revolutionize your manufacturing experience. As a hub of innovation and efficiency, arburgXworld seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology and user-friendly features to empower your production processes. Whether you’re managing machine data, optimizing production cycles, or collaborating globally, our portal provides the tools and resources necessary to elevate your operations.

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