Our Technologies

Injection Molding

Turner Group offers you access to a pool of know-how and experience that is unequaled in the injection molding industry.  From machine, auxiliaries, robotics and control technology through to digital integration - we can work with you to create the perfect manufacturing solution for your production task.

Whatever your industry, whatever your process, we can help!
Silicone, Multicomponent, Insert Over-Molding, In-Mold Labeling, Light-Weighting, Micro-Molding, Clean-Room, Powder Injection Molding, Thermoset and more... 


Turner Group can help you automate
Whether you are planning to add value to your injection molding proce
ss, improve quality, increase output or mitigate the shortage of labor - we can offer you a the expertise for the automation and integration of simple to complex process steps.

From pick & place to complete turnkey automation including
3-axis, 5-axis, 6-axis and Collaborative robots, EOAT for parts and inserts, Over-molding stations, Conveying systems, Box-filling systems, Assembly stations, Cavity separators and sprue cutting, Vision control, transfer, traceability and more...


Turner Group offers a wide range of auxiliary equipment
Whatever your plastic processes we have the engineering resources and the right solutions for you. Whether you are planning a new facility, a major upgrade of your plastics processing plant we can help with our auxiliary equipment and integration of Smart Services.

A spectrum of processing technology 
Blending, conveying, drying, heat transfer, material storage, size reduction, downstream extrusion, industry 4.0 and clean-room ready options


Specializing in solving customer challenges we can provide standard, customized and turnkey solutions for plastics, rubber and silicone extrusion

It starts with your application 
Applying decades of experience and knowledge each solution is designed to meet the exacting specifications of the application

Scientific Mold Cooling

Mold Cooling can represent 80% of a molding cycle and yet mold cooling is often ignored or an afterthought
We can help you optimize the performance of your mold cooling  resulting in a more robust and sustainable molding process.

A scientific approach to mastering the final frontier of mold cooling: Scientific cooling classes and equipment for monitoring and regulation of  flow and temperature with real time data capturing 


If you want to decrease your changeover times and increase your production capacity Turner Group can help. 
Elimination of set up errors, improved quality and increased safety from simpler setups are just a few of the benefits to be gained. 
Rapid changeovers and regulated operating conditions are achieved with SMED procedures. 

SMED products
Quick mold change systems: mechanical, hydraulic, magnetic
quick change ejector couplers, quick change water couplers,
Water line evacuation valves and more...