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We have an awesome team with over 254 years of experience in the plastics industry.  Our lives have been dedicated to the industry and our approach to work is more than just our technical ability.  We have included our personal "Whys" based on Simon Sinek's book, Start With Why. These were uncovered during a recent workshop.  We hope it helps you get to know us better.

Laura Douglas

[email protected]
m: 206-769-3900
CEO - Orange County, LA, SBO

"To live generously and usefully so that all those I meet experience the joy and grace they deserve."

John Ward

[email protected]
m:  949-469-8778
COO - Turner Technologies

"To live intentionally and usefully so that I may be a guide and a resource to others and to help them grow "

Scott Gabbert

[email protected]
m: 509-710-4011
Sales Leader - Intermountain Region

"To support others without judgement so that they may reach new heights personally and professionally."

Andrew Schenck

[email protected]
m: 760-560-6216
Area Manager Bay Area/Riverside

"To use integrity, hustle and dedication so that I can contribute to the well-being and success of the team."

Justin Kassnel

[email protected]
m:  503-310-7387
Area Manager Pacific Northwest

"To help others overcome challenges by fostering and building long-term trust."

Edgar Sanchez

[email protected]
m:  951-723-7905
Turner Technologies Specialist

"To help others discover value in all things so that a simple idea can bring clarity and hope for a better future."

Mark Tarullo

[email protected]
m: 949-433-6849
Director of Finance

"To facilitate growth and development so that those around me can be successful."

Bonnie Fitzpatrick

[email protected]
m:  206-650-4437
Bookkeeper and Office Manager

"To cope with life's difficulties with grace and kindness so that I may relieve stress and suffering in others. "

Brent Strong

[email protected]
m: 801-602-8254

Brent retired from Turner Group on December 31, 2020.  We are extremely grateful to have spent these years with him and wish him the very best.  Brent's personal contact information is above.  Enjoy your next adventure Brent, you deserve it.

Luis Nunez

[email protected]
m: 619-772-2527
Maquiladoras Baja and Sonora, San Diego 

"To build long-lasting relationships, delivering innovation and value for every new opportunity."  

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