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Turner Group has partnered with the technology leaders in injection molding, extrusion, auxiliary equipment, and automation.

Our partners offer the finest quality products delivering high performance maintained with first class after-sales support.

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Injection Molding Machines

Injection molding equipment for smart manufacturing
with integrated automation and peripherals.

Modular machine range configurable to suit a wide range of applications and processes.



Complete Support Equipment Solutions

Auxiliary equipment integrated with Smart Services.

Material handling, central water, heat transfer, resin drying, blending, scrap reclaim and plant-wide controls.

Dynamic Conveyor

Dynamic Conveyors

Modular and Reconfigurable Conveyors

Versatile conveying solutions for standard and customized systems Flexible solutions designed to be reconfigurable and reduce redundancy

Box filling systems – cooling conveyors – parts separators.

EAS and Smartflow Systems

Visit Turner Technologies to learn more about EAS and Smartflow!
Graham Engineering

Graham Engineering

Leading the way in Medical Extrusion

A leading innovator of extrusion solutions with decades of processing experience in thermoplastic and silicone applications.

Supplying extruders and complete custom extrusion turnkey systems to meet exacting requirements.

Reiloy USA


Plasticizing Unit Solutions

High performance barrels and screws designed for high output Custom designed screws for specific applications.

Stocking program for short lead times.


Sepro America

Robots and Automation Systems

Complete range of 3-Axis – 5-Axis – 6-Axis and collaborative robots – Flexible and freely programmable control platform.

Automated solutions including integrated upstream and downstream equipment.

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